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7 Tips When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Updated: August 13, 2014 by Catharine D. Allado

Here are some tips to help you successfully choose the right assisted living facility for your loved one. Whether you are choosing a large assisted living community or a small residential care home, you'll need a guide to help you compare the best assisted living options available.

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In This Assisted Living Article:

Importance of Selecting The Right Assisted Living
 7 Tips When Selecting An Assisted Living Facility 

Choosing Assisted Living

Selecting the right assisted living facility is important in order to avoid moving your aging loved one from one assisted living facility to another. The initial move to an assisted living care home or community is already going to be a big adjustment so you want to make sure that you choose an assisted living carefully. Stick to these 7 tips to help increase your chances of success in finding the right assisted living facility.


7 Tips When Selecting An Assisted Living Facility or Community

1. Time is Your Friend

The more time you have to research about available assisted living facilities in your area the better. Also, note that assisted living vacancies can change at a moment’s notice. When you are ready to move your loved one, give the assisted living facility a 2-3 week notice in advance.

2. Know Your Options

Get at least 2 or 3 assisted living options to compare and consider what you liked the most and liked the least. Are they a match for your 1) location, 2) budget and 3) care needs? Contact a Senior Care Advisor/Expert at an Assisted Living Placement Agency. They provide free senior care options to the community based on those three aforementioned factors above.

3. Talk to the Residents

Are they sociable? Are their alert levels similar to that of your love one? Would your loved one interact well with the current assisted living residents and fit in?

4. Talk to the Owner and the Staff

Do they seem like they care? Do they rush you off or take time with you? How do they interact with the assisted living residents and residents’ family members?

5. References

Get Testimonials from the assisted living residents’ family members.

6. Just the Facts

How long ago did they open their first assisted living facility or how long have they been in the senior care industry? Do they have any major state licensing citations?

7. Observe

How clean is the assisted living facility? Does it smell good or bad? Do they display pictures of events or celebrations of the residents and their families in the assisted living facility (or have an album)? Do they post their food menu or schedule of activities? Are assisted living residents just left alone in their room to do nothing? Do they care?


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